NEW PRODUCT: Jelly Drops for dehydration

Purple jellies spill out of a water glass

Jelly Drops help people with cognitive impairment and memory problems avoid dehydration. It’s a common challenge because they might not associate drinking with thirst or refuse to drink. 

The drops, which look like candy, are solid and come in six fruit flavours. They are 95% water, so a six-pack of the jellies contains 300 mL of water. They also have added electrolytes and are sugar-free. 

They were created by a 24-year-old Engineering student, Lewis Hornby, from the U.K. after his grandmother was hospitalized for severe dehydration. 

The drops, first released in Europe and the U.S., are now available in Canada. “It’s been a long journey since the first messages asking when Jelly Drops would be available in Canada, and I’m very proud they are now available to Canadian families and professional carers!” Hornby said in a press release. “It’s a real ‘pinch me’ moment to know that a product I developed with my grandma in her care home in the UK is going to be available across North America.” 

They sell for $69.30 for a 21x pack, and $119.70 for a 42x pack. 

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