NEW PRODUCT: Colgate PerioGard Gum Care + Enamel Toothpaste

A white toothpaste box that with the words PerioGard on it

Colgate’s new toothpaste is the latest in its PerioGard Gum Care line, which is antibacterial and reduces gum inflammation and bleeding from gingivitis. 

The other toothpastes in the line are regular Gum Care and Gum Care + Sensitivity. They have all received the Canadian Dental Association’s seal. 

Colgate-Palmolive said that in a survey it commissioned, 65% of Canadians reported suffering from bleeding or inflamed gums, and 52% either ignored it or took minimal action. 

“At Colgate we’re proud to now offer an effective and affordable at-home solution to help Canadians treat the cause of their symptoms,” Jenn Porter, general manager of Colgate Canada, said in a press release about the PerioGard line.  

Colgate has also released Colgate PerioGard Gum Protection Toothbrushes in soft and extra soft. The PerioGard collection recently won a 2024 Best New Product Award from BrandSpark. The winners are chosen through a survey of 15,000 Canadian consumers.  

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