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  • What keeps customers coming back to your pharmacy?

    The biggest challenge of every retail pharmacy business in today’s hyper-competitive market is finding the right formula to attract customers and keep them. Many businesses believe that the key to success is customer service satisfaction. But just satisfying customers doesn’t cut it anymore.
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  • Game on! Get ready to compete in the infinite game of pharmacy

    Ah, games. Games can be fun, but they can also be frustrating. They can be frustrating when you do not know the rules.
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  • Flu shots and adult immunizations and COVID vaccines...oh my!

    With the second flu season of the pandemic upon us, pharmacies are gearing up for another challenging winter.
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  • Amazon Pharmacy is coming. Will you be ready?

    What do you feel when you hear Amazon Pharmacy is coming to Canada? Fear? Frustration? Annoyance? Perhaps you feel excited because you are curious to try the service?
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  • How much does diabetes impact us?

    As our country's population ages, will we be able to sustain the costs of this epidemic? What does this mean to us as healthcare providers?
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  • Get ready to stretch like a rubberband

    This is the magic of the rubber band. It only works when it is stretched! Its real value is realized when it is stretched. And you know what? The same is true for you and me. We provide more value and we become more valuable when we are stretched, just like a rubber band!
  • TFSAs – Important technical info

    What's the difference between a survivor holder (also known as successor holder) and beneficiary? Canadian pharmacy owners and pharmacists in general should be aware of an important wrinkle associated with Tax-Free Savings Account administration.
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  • Can I travel with my medical cannabis anywhere?

    With COVID travel restrictions being gradually lifted, more and more people are making travel plans either within or outside of Canada. That raises questions when it comes to patients with medical cannabis.
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  • Educating the next generation of pharmacy family members

    As many readers know, we have a passion for preparing the next generation of pharmacy owners and investors.
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  • How to help your patients with dementia and their carers

    Early detection is the key to effective management of dementia. For starters, if testing is done early enough, patients might learn that their memory loss results from vitamin B12 deficiency or other conditions that can be fully or partially reversed.
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  • Think outside the pharmacy box

    So far, during my pharmacy career, I have had the privilege and honour to work in about 30 different pharmacies, visit hundreds more, and speak with thousands of pharmacists at various meetings and conferences. One thing I often run into is a resistance to change.
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  • Wholehealth’s 100th store is a first in Canada!

    Insalata Cannabis Market is the first recreational cannabis store to have two licensed pharmacists who specialize in cannabis, as business partners. They are now the guiding force for helping Wholehealth pharmacists and technicians manage patient questions.
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