Tech Talk CE: The pharmacy technician’s role in hypertension management

pharmacy professional takes a patient’s blood pressure

Hypertension is common and easy to monitor with home blood pressure monitoring. Pharmacy technicians are frontline healthcare professionals who can work collaboratively with both patients and pharmacists to educate patients about the importance of proper BP measurement using validated devices‚ and improve various aspects of adherence.

This continuing education course for pharmacy technicians is approved by CCCEP for 1.25 credits. Course # 1329-2023-3659-I-T. 

An educational service for Canadian pharmacy technicians, brought to you by Teva.

Learning objectives:


By the end of this course, pharmacy technicians should be able to: 

  • Outline the 9 steps to measure and record home blood pressure accurately and properly. 
  • Summarize an approach to recommending validated home blood pressure monitors 
  • Explain proper blood pressure measurement technique to patients and be able to advise on the Canadian guidelines recommendation on frequency of home blood pressure measurement 
  • Describe at least two strategies that may improve adherence to antihypertensive drug therapy.

Course author: Ann Thompson, BScPharm, ACPR, PharmD

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