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Pharmacy Leader Nardine Nakhla: "You must step outside your comfort zone and take risks."

Nothing brings me as much joy as sharing in a student’s excitement over the positive impact they had on a patient’s life, a coveted job, a residency offer, or their pride in a published manuscript.
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The 6 secrets of interprofessional collaboration

Many pharmacists have asked me how to start a new collaborative project with other health care providers.
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Man impersonates healthcare aid and does several shifts at Winnipeg hospital

The man had previously registered for a healthcare aide training program the province’s Shared Health offers, but he never completed it.
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How technology can support your pharmacy's future

Let's explore what we can expect for the pharmacy of the future, including staying connected, delivering a great patient experience and building a solid business case for technology investments.

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Do your leadership skills lead you uphill to a higher level?

Leadership is important. Leadership can be learned. Everyone deserves to be led well.  That was where we started. Today, we will begin the journey of defining what exactly it is that leaders do.

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What customers (really) want!

New research compares and contrasts online, traditional, retail, and healthcare experiences to better understand perceptions of great customer experiences. The goal: Get insights into what customers and patients really appreciate.

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