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Pharmpreneur of the week Jena Quinn: "Just take the plunge."

I don't have to conform to the standard role of a pharmacist. I don't have to clock in and out. I don't have to suppress my creative ideas due to restrictive job roles and responsibilities.
Jena Quinn
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The essential connection between business and pharmacy practice

Embracing the business side of pharmacy goes beyond just maximizing profits; it also involves enhancing patient outcomes, healthcare systems, and the profession as a whole.
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My learning: Essential topics for pharmacy management

Taking the time to reflect and being open to learning business strategies will not only contribute to our overall success but also provides a greater appreciation for the intricacies of pharmacy.
Saira B

Raising the bar at Pharmacy U

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Negotiating 101 for pharmacists

Important negotiations are about relationships, something pharmacists know a ton about. Each day we make friends with strangers needing health advice and tools to pair them with.



The hope of healthcare - risk management

Many pharmacists are highly sensitive to risk. I would actually go so far as to say that pharmacists are largely risk averse. And for good reason. We hold people’s lives in our hands. If you have ever made a dispensing error, it sticks with you.





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Embracing change: an appointment-based model at Kawartha Lakes Pharmacy

When Ontario pharmacy owner Mike Cavanagh pioneered an appointment-based model of practice in 2018, which is anchored by the synchronization of chronic medications to facilitate quarterly follow-ups with patients, little did he know he would be ramping up the model to new heights during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Embracing change
Kawartha Lakes Pharmacy