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Young Leader in Pharmacy Chirag Dave: "Seeing a colleague transform from surviving to thriving is a fulfillment like no other."

I've discovered that the greatest impact I've made in my career is not with my patients but with my colleagues. While the impacts I've made with patients fulfill my sense of purpose, the biggest difference I can make is helping empower my colleagues to be confident and effective in their work.
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How to approach change management in your pharmacy

Change is a must. Change is the future, however small, for pharmacy. It’s been a while since I have written an article and it took me some time to think about a topic that is relevant yet important. Then I thought, there is nothing else more relevant to talk about than change.
Jane Xia

2022 OTC most-recommended brands by Canadian pharmacists and physicians

Pharmacy U Vancouver is right around the corner!

Stay tuned for updates on our next event  - Pharmacy U Vancouver. Registration opens in August 2022.

Pharmacy U Vancouver is right around the corner!
PHUV 2022


The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed Canada's dependence on foreign countries in the pharmaceutical industry. With 73% of prescriptions filled in Canada being for generic products[1], it is now more important than ever to improve the reliability of the supply chain.

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Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities make for better pharmacy leaders

If you do not have a plan to improve your leadership skills, don't be too hard on yourselves. Understand that few people do. That is normal. Perhaps too normal considering the state of the world. But if you want to improve your leadership skills, I encourage you to do something about it. Today!




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Online customer experiences – What we can learn

As health-care professionals, pharmacists have a unique and important role that is multifaceted and ever changing. Every year our scope of practice grows, therapeutic approaches in clinical care evolve, and we face new business pressures.

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  • Four top tips to find the right seasonal staff when you need them

    Spring has arrived and summer, with vacations and changes in business patterns, is not far behind. It is time to start thinking about seasonal staffing – whether for front shop positions or pharmacy tech jobs. During the pandemic, hiring has become even more challenging.
  • Hiring strategically to embrace pharmacy change

    Change has been a fact of life since the first pharmacy opened its doors many centuries ago. And it’s a challenge pharmacists and pharmacist-owners will face for years to come.
  • Pharmacists, don’t outdrive your headlights

    Not outdriving your headlights means understanding what you can control and having the discipline to mentally stay there. Leaders capable of doing this make decisions within their comfort zone, without worrying about what is beyond sight.
    Jason Chenard
  • 6 top tips to really see your pharmacy like a patient

    Have you looked at your pharmacy the way a patient does? This is a key question Wayne Caverly of Caverly Consulting asks his clients. One pharmacy he worked with – an old-style drugstore within an even older grocery store – had not seen any serious updates since the 1970s.
    Wayne Caverly