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Young Leader in Pharmacy Farah Aqqad: "... we are working with and for our patients."

I have made it my personal mission to challenge preconceived notions about what pharmacists can and cannot do: to improve and advance health globally. No matter what their career path might be, pharmacists have the ability to influence change and contribute to healthcare.
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There's so much to discover with drug interactions

I became a pharmacist because of my love of science and people. Plus, I love the idea of continual learning. There is so much to discover about pharmacy as a career, how to interact with our patients and new, innovative medicines.
Rachel Luther
Pharmacy U people

Young Leader in Pharmacy Kristen Ramsdale: "I have a passion for teaching and shaping the next generation of pharmacy technicians."

The increasing scope of practice and evolving role of the pharmacy technician are a couple of the many things that excite me about being in this profession. Throughout the past two years, it has become quite evident how valuable pharmacy technicians are in the healthcare industry.
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Pharmacy U Vancouver is right around the corner!

Stay tuned for updates on our next event  - Pharmacy U Vancouver. Registration opens in August 2022.

Pharmacy U Vancouver is right around the corner!
PHUV 2022


The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed Canada's dependence on foreign countries in the pharmaceutical industry. With 73% of prescriptions filled in Canada being for generic products[1], it is now more important than ever to improve the reliability of the supply chain.

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The limit of pharmacy leadership and the discomfort of growth

When it comes to our leadership, there is a point that we really struggle to move past.  And we will never move past that point unless we go through the discomfort of growth.




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Online customer experiences – What we can learn

As health-care professionals, pharmacists have a unique and important role that is multifaceted and ever changing. Every year our scope of practice grows, therapeutic approaches in clinical care evolve, and we face new business pressures.

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  • Instagram - should pharmacists care?

    Instagram may not be the first social media platform you think of if you're a pharmacist. Sure, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all spring to mind as useful tools to be part of the vibrant pharmacy community. But Instagram?
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  • How do you manage comments on your social media content?

    Science communication on social media platforms is a powerful tool that can be used to increase the health literacy of our patients, elevate the profile of our profession, and even serve to complement the knowledge of our peers. However, a good dose of caution is always warranted.
  • What goes on behind your closed doors?

    If yours is a larger pharmacy, you may very well offer public washrooms. While what goes on behind those closed doors may not be top of mind when providing healthcare services, you shouldn't turn your back on this important part of your pharmacy.
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  • 8 top tips to DEEP clean your pharmacy

    COVID-19 has made the general public much more aware of cleanliness in the public places we visit. Here's your perfect opportunity to do the kind of deep cleaning that makes regular spring-cleaning look like a light dusting – and make it part of your regular pharmacy-maintenance routine.
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