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Pharmacy Leader: Sandra Leal - "I love the impact that pharmacists make on public health."

I love the impact that pharmacists make on public health. Even before the pandemic, pharmacists were already leaders in vaccinating people and creating access points for population in need.
Sandra Leal
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The future of travel is now! Pharmacists can help

Travel isn’t something that many of us are doing right now but it is something a lot of us are dreaming of. Though it may seem like something that is a ways away there are already people travelling today and some who will be travelling soon, especially now that the borders are reopening.
Pavithra Ravi

Alberta funds Indigenous-led approach to mental health for Indian residential school trauma

The funding announced today brings the province's commitment to support Indigenous-led efforts in mental health care to nearly $8 million.
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How technology can support your pharmacy's future

Let's explore what we can expect for the pharmacy of the future, including staying connected, delivering a great patient experience and building a solid business case for technology investments.

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Remember when pharmacists didn't give shots?

About 12 years ago, the team I was serving on was given the task of training thousands of pharmacists to provide immunization services. This was no small undertaking. Over the course of two years, we needed to train more than 10,000 pharmacists. Our track record to that point was that we had trained less than one thousand. 

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What customers (really) want!

New research compares and contrasts online, traditional, retail, and healthcare experiences to better understand perceptions of great customer experiences. The goal: Get insights into what customers and patients really appreciate.

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