New Product: Bio-Oil Body Lotion

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With winter comes dry skin, and Bio-Oil is launching its latest product, Bio-Oil Body Lotion, to help. 

The company’s flagship product, BioOil, has been on the market to help treat scars and stretch marks since the 1980s, and for the past decade and a half, it’s been expanding its line to include a deep moisturizer and all-natural oil. 

This daily moisturizer is its latest and lightest addition. It contains 42% oil, twice as much as the average body lotion. But, the company says, it still feels light and absorbs quickly into the skin, so it doesn’t feel greasy. 

Dry skin—when the skin’s moisture levels are lower than 10%, instead of the average 20% to 30%—happens when the skin’s barrier is compromised, resulting in water loss. Adding moisturizer with oil as a barrier can help reverse the issue. Bio-Oil says the body lotion “supports [the skin’s] optimum lipid bilayer and Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) function” and that it's proven to help improve the skin’s barrier and its hydration.

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