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I don’t want to read all these FAQs. Can’t I just contact someone to solve my registration problem?

You sure can. Please email Please include information about your registration experience.

Why do I have to register?

Due to the professional nature of our content, we require that all site visitors fall into one of four health professional categories: physician, pharmacist (including technicians), nurses and nurse practitioners, or healthcare managers. Our forums and blogs offer health professionals a private site to comment and discuss issues with colleagues. Also, any advertising messages are addressed to health professionals, and by law cannot be directed at the Canadian public.

I’m a health professional but I don’t fall into one of those four professions. Can I get access?

Currently, we limit site access to physicians, pharmacists, nurses and healthcare managers. However, you may register as “other” by choosing the profession you most closely identify with. Your application will be reviewed and, if you qualify, site access will be granted. You will hear from us within two business days.

What kind of questions do you ask on the registration form, and how long will it take to register?

We ask basic personal contact information, such as name, postal code and email. We also ask for a professional licence number, registration number or student number to prove your affiliation. This information is completely secure, and is never shared. Employees of do not have access to your private information. For more, please read our privacy policy. As for a timeline, completing the registration should take no more than a couple of minutes.

OK, I registered. How do I get into the site?

Upon completing your registration, you will be sent a confirmation email. You must click on the link contained in this email to complete your registration and activate your account. Then, your login and password information will immediately be sent to you.

When I try to register, it says my email already exists. What gives?

You may already have a login that was carried over from registering with one of our previous websites:,, Pharmacy CE or Try entering your email address and selecting “forgot password.”

Once you have site access, you can change your email and/or password and edit personal information by selecting “Manage Your Profile” from the sign-in box in the upper right-hand corner of any page.

I know I registered, but when I enter my email address it says I don’t exist. What happened?

The most common reason in this situation is you logged in with the wrong email address. Most of us have several email accounts (one for work, one for home, etc.), and it’s easy to forget which one you used during your registration. Try signing in with another email address, or contact for assistance.

I logged in with my email and password, but I can’t get past the front door. I get a message about “no access.” What can I do?

Your login may have been carried over from registering with one of our previous websites:,, Pharmacy CE or Since our old sites did not use the same registration process, your professional information might be incomplete. Please contact to review your information. In many cases, site access is granted right away.

There is also a possibility that you do not qualify for site access. Please email and request your account and access be reviewed.

I receive one of your email newsletters but when I click on the links I can’t get to the articles. Can you help ease my frustration?

You must be logged in to for newsletter links to work. The next time you visit, please select “Remember Me” when you sign in. Providing you never sign out (or erase your browser’s “cookies”), you will be granted immediate access from all e-newsletter links. You will remain logged in for one year.

If you access from a shared computer, and sign out after each visit, please log in and return to your e-newsletter. All links should now take you directly to the articles.

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