Jason Chenard



The best pharmacy leaders are great passers

In the pharmacy, there are countless ways of being a set-up person.

Snow storms and the growing theme of the pharmacist waitlist

Pharmacy is like a snow storm. During a heavy storm, we cannot keep up with the falling snow even with constant shovelling. We end up going about our lives, then dealing with the damage when the storm is over. The act of shovelling is put on hold until after the storm is over.

One pharmacist’s rant – we need to discuss debt and ‘owings’

For the pharmacy world struggling with back orders, recalls and mixed-up orders, owing is a part of the job. But owings – or debt – for a pharmacist are analogous to the problem of lost luggage.

What to look for while conducting a pharmacy job interview

With a very sparse number of pharmacy staff in the neighbourhood to choose from, we now often select workers without actual pharmacy experience. This means that leaders need to have an even keener eye for detecting the cross-over skills hidden in the stories of those we are interviewing.

Pharmacists, it’s time to think like the scientists we are

By their scientific method, scientists’ actions demonstrate that they do not know the true answer but have ideas as to what it could be. Scientists resist the urge to form irreversible public opinions.

Pharmacists, use your filter to understand the true problem

Pharmacy does not come with a user guide. Pharmacy leaders must hear what is going on in the game and help the players find a solution that fits within the rulebook. To do this, we do not necessarily need to invent the answer ourselves.

Pushing your pharmacy stress threshold is good for you!

Gone are the days of a "druggist" using leeches or being the only druggist in town. Gone are the product-driven experts solely paid for dispensing. Pharmacists have stretched the limits of their horizons before us and now it is our turn. It’s time to prescribe!

3 ways your pharmacy can fail

Pharmacy is a little like jumping out of an airplane. It takes bravery, practice, training and most of all, a parachute. While the primary parachute is obvious, there is another essential need before jumping out of the plane: the back-up chute.

Why pharmacists should avoid cutting their own lawn

Some bets in life are simple once you wrap your mind around them. For years, my wife and I resisted paying someone to cut our lawn.

Hiring pharmacy staff without actual experience

Like many pharmacy manager-owners, I have conducted a few interviews in my time. Some were highly collaborative and resulted in all-stars still working strongly with us today. Other résumés turned into napkins or scrap paper.