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Medical Cannabis: Risks, Myths and Misconceptions

This webinar addresses patients’ and physicians’ most common fears and beliefs about medical cannabis. Dr. Lionel Marks de Chabris, a pain and addiction specialist, has included medical cannabis as a treatment option for patients since 2007. Here he shares his knowledge of this treatment option with respect to many of the common concerns of physicians and patients, with a focus on patient counselling and education.

Topics addressed include:

  • Adverse effects
  • Intoxication and overdose
  • Risk of accidental exposure
  • Psychosis
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Cancer
  • Cannabis use disorder
  • Amotivational syndrome
  • Cannabis hyperemesis syndrome
  • Impaired cognition
  • Withdrawal

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Webinar: Asthma & COPD: Medical Devices that will Change your Practice

Improving patient outcomes for respiratory patients may be as simple as adding on a medical device to their treatment plan. Healthcare professionals often overlook prescribing and recommending medical devices, which can be an effective way to deliver medication and help drug deposition in the lungs. In this on-demand video, Dr. Alan Kaplan, a family physician with extensive expertise in respiratory care, reviews the latest updates on managing your COPD and asthma patients, examines real-world evidence on patient outcomes with respiratory devices and how they make a difference, offers tips on how to use medical devices in your practice and for talking to patients about device reimbursement.

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Enhancing Flu-ency for Your 65+ Patients

In this webinar, Dr. Brian Aw, pharmacist Umberto Leone and Dr. David Colby explore the overlooked burden of influenza that extends beyond the lung, and why influenza can be considered a cardiorespiratory disease among older adults. They also examine the clinical evidence for immunization against influenza among adults 65 and older, including a review of new recommendations from the updated 2018-19 National Advisory Committee on Immunization; and provide an overview of publicly funded influenza immunization programs for older adults, including updates on the availability of the high-dose influenza vaccine in your province.

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