2019 Most-Recommended OTC Brands
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Nine times in 10, when a pharmacist recommends an OTC product, the customer purchases it. Find out which brands pharmacists recommend by clicking on a category above.


The 2019 Survey on OTC Counselling & Recommendations was an online survey fielded between July and October 2018 by RKI: Research + Knowledge = Insights. A total of 1,331 Canadian pharmacists responded to the survey.

Pharmacists were asked three open-ended questions about how often they make recommendations in a product category, whether they recommend brand or generic/private label products and what brands they most often recommend.

What does this logo mean?

Only the OTC products voted #1 by pharmacists responding to the 2019 Pharmacy Practice+ Business Survey on OTC Counselling & Recommendations can use this logo or claim to be “Pharmacists’ Most-Recommended brand.”